Installation | Sound

MDF, transducers, wood, pavers, soft cushions, 


Viewers/Listeners situate themselves on punctuated spots marked around the table. They feel the table purring as sound reverberates through the surface via transducers. Faint whispers might be heard and, upon leaning in, turn to a clearer conversation you are listening in to.

The conversation playing through the table is in Arabic. Another smaller text is placed in the room, etched lightly in a corner, in Urdu.

Purring Table evokes ideas of language, translation, interpretation, the collective, and the gaps in the middle. It further alludes to choreographies of power through posture, touch, submission and designated spots which bring about a different experience for the listener based on where they are situated as they encounter the work.


The documentation covers 2 different installations of the work.


rabeehaadnan ︎