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Installation | Projection | Sound Design | Animation

Real-time projection mapping on mixed media installation & synchronized sound
04 minutes 35 seconds
(Karachi Biennale 2022)

Mukaalmah: ‘We Can’t Both Be Right!’ is a musical play performed by instrumental objects sourced from Jamshed Memorial Library. Groups of seemingly identical objects find it hard to communicate with one another much like the norms of human social groups. Similarly, all Abrahamic religions essentially echo the same ideas but find it hard to coexist. Whilst drawing parallels between these, characters in the two subgroups perform through the help of projection mapping, in sync, facilitated by light and sound.

Filled with literature from the theosophical society, Jamshed Memorial Library serves as an ideal space to investigate institutional religions and the way they limit and affect human relationships.

format i

format ii

Jamshed Memorial Hall and School, named after the first mayor of Karachi, used to be a meeting house for the theosophical society in Karachi back in the day. It still holds all of their literature.

For events, musicians used to play for entertainment and some left their instruments in the space - residue of memories from the hall from almost a century ago. When the space was alotted, they were all tucked away in a corner, accumulating dust.  Eventually, I had the opportunity to incorporate them in my work.

︎ None of the objects in the installation have power/LEDs within them - all visuals were attained using projectors. All photos and videos are real-time documentation of the active installation.






:^)  from the space:


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