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Installation | Sound

Mixed Media Installation



The concerns in this body of work were primarily informed by Debord’s theory of The Society of the Spectacle. Consequently, it attempted to explore and showcase an individual’s private sphere alongside an insight regarding one’s personal habits and lifestyle by creating a fictitious character. In a way, it provided a glimpse into an otherwise curated persona for the imaginary character of Ayla Rizwan.

Upon entrance, people could use visual cues in order to understand a range of information about the character including factors such as gender, age, name, to quirky habits, lifestyle choices, fincancial constraints, romantic conflicts, etc. Sound pieces were installed in multiple locations within the room (hidden) to capture the usual sounds a person living in the space would be exposed to; they included: sound of windchimes near the window; muffled noise of people yelling across the hall; construction noise; call for prayer in the neighborhood; etc.

Details such as dust-stains on the wall around a clock - which itself no longer exists in the room; tea cups left in various places as she sat in comfortable spots; spills on the carpet still seen since she never cleaned them; were all added as aspects of the character’s personality.


Possible conflicts in her life could be perceived through her documents, one of which included post-it notes, used for regular reminders or serving as fragments of a journal.



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